Artificial Intelligence for Sports and Virtual Reality Sports Training


Narrowing the Gap between Training and Competition

HP3 is in the business of Narrowing the gap between training and competition for Athletes and Teams!

Virtual Reality Sports Training Outcomes

Virtual Reality Sports Training

We are building a solution called Spectre that will provide teams, coaches, and players the ability to jump into past games they have played in for coaching purposes.

HP3 see this solution as being groundbreaking, it will involve players and coaches being able to enter specific parts of real games together to offer a next-level coaching and learning tool.

We are using Artificial Intelligence to read the Geometry of the game which gives us the information we can use in Spectre.

Our focus sports for this product are AFL, Basketball, Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union initially.

This solution will be achieved with the power of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will provide groundbreaking coaching opportunities for teams with unparalleled accelerated learning outcomes and opposition analysis.

Artificial Intelligence for Sport Analytics

We are also excitedly working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models to provide unique and deep analytics for teams and leagues to work with to not only assess tactics but to also accelerate the learning curve of athletes in their sport.

As mentioned above, we are using AI to read the geometry of the game and use that data to build out Spectre.

Mental Repetitions for sport Virtual Reality

We also work with Athletes and Elite Teams to provide Experiential Repetitions via Virtual Reality Video to help improve performance. This is in fact how we started working in sport.

We have had success with Australian Rules Football, particularly Set Shot Goal Kicking and Basketball with Free Throw Shooting, 3 Point Shooting and Attacking the Rim.

With additional reps for athletes, teams, and coaches with Virtual Reality Training can provide a real boost. HP3 allows athletes to go through skills training, team structures or even Opposition analysis with the help of Virtual Reality Video.

The power is not just in the fact that the athlete can practice at anytime in any place. The real power is within the actual improvement that the athlete can gain. Things like a deep understanding and belief in their technique and routine provide confidence no matter how much pressure is on them whilst executing in competition.

Understanding the opposition, your own plays and structures in a deeper way are huge! With Virtual Reality your players can gain that deeper understanding of the gameplan whilst resting, ensuring that they are feeling fresh come game day.

Most Sports Science teams are successful in ensuring their athletes are ready physically, our aim is to improve the mental preparation.

Outcomes from Virtual Reality Training are Momentum, Confidence, and Belief.

HP3 is proudly a part of the AustechVR group.