HP3 by Austechvr Pty Ltd

Our Vision is to simply Narrow the Gap between Training and Competition for Athletes and Sporting teams. The 3 in HP3 stands for

  1. Athletes
  2. Teams
  3. Innovation

HP3 is a part of Austechvr Pty Ltd and we started off working athletes and clubs and providing them with Virtual Reality Solutions for training.

This part of the business excited us so much that we have decided to create HP3 to focus on continuing our work with athletes.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are our tools

We are also excitingly working on a Virtual Reality Solution codenamed “Project Spectre” that will allow Coaches and Athletes to enter the field of play in games that they have already completed for enhanced and accelerated learning experiences and opposition analysis.

We are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read the geometry of games, the output is how we put together the solutions.

Our work with AI has led us down the path of working on other solutions with Machine Learning so that we can build solutions that will help teams identify tactical patterns and solve problems.

These solutions that we are working on building right now are so exciting and we feel fortunate to be leading the charge in how athletes and teams train.

Our Founder Ken Lee has served 8 years in the Australian Regular Army where he learned the value of Repetition and Discipline in training.

In addition, Ken has played and coached both Senior and Junior teams so also has a history and love for the power of sport. Combine this with working in the Virtual Reality industry as Founder of AustechVR HP3 was born.

We believe that the combination of good old fashioned Discipline, Repetition, Focused and Dedicated Training of skills, Mindset and Breath Work combined with innovative and powerful technology such as Virtual Reality can Accelerate Learning and help reduce the load on Athletes.

This style of training is what we call Experiential Repetitions where we capture Athletes in Virtual Reality Video and they can then use that content at a later time to train away from the field.

We think with our Experiential Repetition Training and Project Spectre that will change the way coaches and athletes review games and analyze opposition we are on the way to accomplishing our goal of Narrowing the Gap between Training and Competition!

We have spent countless hours, literally tons of coffee reading through academic papers, researching how the brain operates in relation to learning, belief, spatial awareness and loads of other things.

At HP3, we are certain that every serious Athlete, Team or Organisation will be using Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to supplement parts of their training and to change how their players prepare and execute their skills in competition.

We would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by emailing Ken@hp3.solutions