UFC fighter Misha Cirjunov on using Virtual Reality to train

Misha Cirkunov held a press conference days before his September 15 2019 Light Heavyweight bout against Jim Crute. He talked about many things, how he is stronger and ready for the fight.

He then started talking about how he has been preparing for the bright lights, crowd, and media at a UFC event with some new “Tricks”.

The Tricks he has been using is Virtual Reality which Misha has been using to simulate the foreign and intimidating environment which is a UFC event.

It seemed to work, Misha seemed very calm and confident in front of the cameras.

A journalist then asked Misha if he thought Virtual Reality was something that he could see becoming the norm in UFC. Misha’s response was definitely, Virtual Reality is going to be huge in the UFC, it is just a matter of time.

Misha Cirjunov UFC win

We tend to agree with him!

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